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Because Horses are People Too…

Finally, a useful law, in this time of terrorism and war and 50 million people without healthcare and higher poverty rate than ever and failing schools.

I mean, who would want to eat Secretariat? Not me….

Seriously. The rationales behind this bill that are in the article are crazy awesome – we should not slaughter horses for human consumption because: 1) it is inhumane because they’re basically pets, and 2) American icons (like Mr. Ed, Secretariat, etc.) should not be eaten. The lack of logic even within this legislation is messed up. From this basis, it follows that…

1) Horses are too “good” for people to eat. But it’s okay for dogs and other pets to eat them. For people that like to exalt humans as special, they’re doing some wacky stuff. (Maybe this is a pets-can-eat-pets-but-you-can’t law?)

2) We Americans are the best judge of what other people in the world may or may not eat. Considering 95% of human-ready horsemeat made in the US is exported, this is worrying.

3) If there is a creature which has reached the status of “icon,” we shouldn’t eat it. Like Babe, the pig. Or Chicken Little. It’s time to ban bacon, I guess. And chicken fries (finally).

4) Eating horses is inhumane. But racing them? Using whips, spurs, and starvation as means to make them run faster? And killing them for breaking a bone? That’s just good old Amurican fun. And a good reason why killing them is inhumane. Wait… I lost myself on that one.

Love it. Go Amurica!

EDIT (12 Sept 9:10 ET): Formatting.


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  1. A lot of anthropological research has been done in this field -looking at what we define as ‘food’ (farmyard animals), ‘not-food-because-too-close’ (pets) and ‘not-food-beause-too-far’ (insects, wild animals such as bears). There’s an interesting article here. Still curious that these classifications are being enshrined in law, though – that horses now enjoy a ‘legal status’ as pets and not as farmyard animals.

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