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Cheney links Iraq to 9/11, Part 439

Shockingly, Vice President Cheney continues to link Iraq with terrorism (read near the bottom of the linked page).

I don’t know how many different ways to say “nuh-uh”, but it’s clear that he is either a man willing to say anything to accomplish his agenda, or really really ignorant. I’m leaning to the former for four important reasons.

1) Halliburton stands to make a lot more in a drawn-out, protracted war in Iraq with no foreseeable end in sight. In fact, it already has.

2) Oil companies make a lot more if the Middle East is in turmoil. In fact, they already have.

3) A little more intellectual and PNAC-y… Instability in the Middle East means the need for a strong military is greater, and the U.S. must over-invest to maintain military supremacy as the world’s superpower. This dovetails nicely with their goals.

4) As the most involved vice president in recent memory, he has access to all the intelligence and resources available to the president. As vice president, Mr. Cheney also is responsible for conveying the president’s policies and ideas. Given that he has repeatedly made this link, that the president has said the exact opposite, and that he still makes his link means he has tacit approval to make this claim from his boss. Not to mention that his boss uses 9/11 as a reason to be in Iraq even though there’s no link. Therefore, ignorance of presidential positions, or of intelligence, is a dubious claim, at best.

The idea here: it’s not enough not to tell a lie. It is also important to tell the transparent truth. The doublespeak which is rampant in government today reflects the fact that they think we’ll buy it and the fact that we do.

EDIT (12 Sept, 9:05 ET): Spelling/formatting, second PNAC link.


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  1. Peter N says:

    And it’s not just Cheney. Today I also heard Condi Rice trying her best to make up a connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda, although in an interview one year before the invasion of Iraq, she didn’t really regard Iraq as a threat. Mysterious!

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