Ideas, Linked; Ideals, Inked.


Just added the “About Idealink” and the “Glossary“. I’d like to have the Glossary show up on the right-hand side of the About Idealink page. But on the About page, no right-hand bar shows up. So… I guess the Glossary will live at the top until I figure it out.

About this post: while all true, this post is a commentary on most “early blog postings”. In fact, WordPress and Blogger should just include the “I’m still trying to figure this out so please bear with me”-style post pre-loaded. You simply choose the post that best describes your plight from a drop-down menu, and you have a quick auto-generated blog posting, to get you rolling.

In fact, while we’re at it, there should also be the “I’m still alive, even if I’m not posting” list, as well as the “I no longer regularly post to this blog, and here’s a cursory throwaway post that says as much”, the “wow, I just remembered I have this blog”, the “I’ve been doing this for so long, that I’m jaded”, the “I just moved this blog over from another site and getting my bearings”, the “I recently put a lot of effort into organizing stuff, so check it out”, and the “I’m commenting on the phenomenon of blogging” lists. File this half of the post under those last couple.

Oh… Returning to the original point. Any help with the right-hand bar thingie?

PS – “thingie” is a necessary word in the “early blog posting” genre. Maybe I should add it to the glossary.


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