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Move to Hawaii, Avoid Volcanoes, Live Longer

Yup… You finally have a legitimate excuse to move to Hawaii. Recently published was a state-by-state breakdown of life expectancy in the US. Interesting.

Okay, so I was told the Hawaii thing is sort of out of left-field, so: when you mouse-over that little bar graph jobbie on the left of the article, the tallest is Hawaii, at 80. So… If you survive the perils of living in a volcanically active area, you probably will live longer.

I was going to do Census research to cross-reference this data with income and education levels, number of hours worked, and possibly average number of children and level of “urban-ness”. I was then going to assess general political preference of these states as well. It was going to be an interesting study, perhaps telling us, freakonomically, something we would not see in isolation.

But… I’m very busy, what with my day job and the class I’m taking. If any of my readers are interested in doing that kind of analysis, I’d love it, but no pressure.

Edit (9/22, 19:50): More information, clarification.


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  1. Peter N says:

    I hope you’ll get back to that analysis at some point. It would be very interesting. Having been to both Hawaii, The Deep South, The Far West and New England, the first thing that strikes me regarding chances of a long life in those places is the slower pace of life that I saw in Hawaii. People seem to take life easier, and don’t need extensive research to tell you that stress is harmful.

  2. vijtable says:

    Thanks, Peter. Working on so many posts in my free time, I have neglected this little project. One persistent pain is the Census website, which has never been easy to navigate (purposely?). When I was a teacher, I used to spend hours a night trying to pull useful data for twenty-minute lessons the next day. That type of commitment today means, of course, neglecting my other Idealink projects. (It would be great to have someone fund me for full-time Idealink-ing.) But rest assured, I will get to this one, especially now that you lit that fire under my ass.

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