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Condi Lied

Okay… I said I was busy, but this is absurd. What little respect I had after for Condoleezza Rice after the 9/11 Commission is now gone. (Note: at the Commission, she demonstrated extreme evasiveness and implied was not given information by the Clinton administration, a claim refuted by others at the Commission).

The above story talks about how Condi lied, in no uncertain terms, to the New York Post in her defense of the Bush administration after Clinton’s uproar on Fox News. Her defense was based on two things: 1) No Pakistan strategy from Clinton administration, and 2) No special emphasis on al-Qaeda. If you don’t believe Raw Story, believe a memo from Richard Clarke, called “Strategy for Eliminating the Threat from the Jihadist Networks of al-Qida: Status and Prospects“.

Let’s see if the echo chamber takes this on or stays glued to defending Condi. My guess is the latter.


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  1. Sieg's Daddy says:

    Looking back over these now-declassified documents, makes it all the more sad that our letter-writing campaigns, protests, and other efforts in the lead-up to the Iraq war were in vain. We were right…


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