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Unfortunately, it’s a busy time for me here chez Idealink. Luckily, the intensity ends on Saturday, and there will be more time to devote to posting. I am looking into getting another to join me in posting here, but at this point, creative control is important. I think option B is to create a news aggregator with minimal commentary, and stick with Idealink as, at the very least, edited by me. Either way, the wheels are turning.

Clinton: Overlooked by several in the Clinton Vs. Fox News is the fact that he was doing nothing unusual for recent or current presidents. Part 1. Part 2. What shocks me is that when Bush goes on a little tirade against a reporter, nothing is made of it except on the Daily Show. When Clinton does it, the entire gaggle erupts. Of course, these were different situations.

Chavez: Clearly an influential man. The Chomsky book he cited is #1 at Amazon as of this writing. He may be rude, and he may be confrontational, but two things that do not describe him are dumb or miserly. While US oil companies are raking in record profits on gas and crude oil (see below), he has ordered the Venezuelan state oil company, through its American subsidiary Citgo, to sell heavily-discounted home heating oil to low-income families throughout America during the winter months. Leftism may have “big-government” faults, but Chavez lives up to one of its ideals – “From each according to his means, to each according to his needs.”

Sports: An example of bad journalism gone worse. I don’t know what to say except it’s slanderous, inflammatory journalism meant to incite… Angry muckraking at its worst. To respond: Manny Ramirez has been enjoying a statistically better year than his career average, in most categories. He has, to date, played in more games since 2003 than his star counterparts on the Red Sox, namely Varitek, Nixon, Ortiz, and Damon (including Damon’s current Yankee year). Gordon Edes, I’m disappointed in you.
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