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Condi Lied, Part 2

Hmmm… We now have more proof Condi lied. So that’s Clarke and Tenet who advised Rice prior to the 9/11 attacks of the importance of terror. Two Republicans, both of whom served under Clinton (and thus know how bipartisanship works), have negated the claims of someone whose integrity is now somewhere in the vicinity of partisan hack.

Republicans are showing more hypocrisy than Democrats. With the Hastert’s Foley debacle and Rice’s lies, we have a veritable cornicopia (realspeke: a lot) of evidence that Republicans are shielding their leadership and unwilling to take responsibility. For those who compare it to Clinton having improper relations with an adult, that’s absurd. Rice lied about something which, if true, would jeopardize her job and make Americans question her ability to be National Security Adviser (let alone Secretary of State). Hastert lied about his knowledge of Foley’s improper relations with underage individuals.

So, politicians, for all your preaching, are you going to practice?

Note: I have something I want to say about how disappointed I am in Spitzer, but I need to pull links.


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  1. Sieg's Daddy says:

    Yeah. We knew it all along. History has a nice way of verifying these things though…

    On a different note, did I mention that you should see V is for Vendetta. It is definately the best movie I’ve seen this year.

    – S’sD

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