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Jack Straw asks Muslim Women to Remove Veils

From the UK…

Leader of the House Commons Jack Straw, a former Cabinet member of the Blair administration, asks female Muslims (constituents) who visit his office to remove their veils.  Unsurprisingly, this is causing fallout in Britain, like a similar veil story caused more vocal fallout in France (can’t find a link… help?). Straw says that he requests, and nobody has ever said no. I wonder if this is because of the position of power he holds (and held). Unclear.

I don’t have much else to say except that Britain’s rules on religion are different from he US – the US First Amendment is one of the most strongest walls of protection of religion (for better or worse). Such a request from an official in the US is probably of questionable Constitutionality. Ironically, I get the sense that such a request would not actually be as controversial here in the US. I hope I’m wrong.


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  1. Sieg's Daddy says:

    Here is a nice graphic from the BBC detailing the various forms of head-scarves and coverings worn by Islamic women.

    – S’sD

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