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Real-Life Voter Fraud? Part 2

So… The tangled web of election law gets tangleder.

When we last saw vermontgirl, she discovered her voter registration was recently reinstated, much to her surprise, because there was no reason for it to have been uninstated. Since then, we’ve learned only that things are even more complicated.

Vermontgirl called the New York Board of Elections, and spoke with a very rude guy (call him Creephole). According to him, my previous (speculative) post was not an instance of voter fraud, but indeed an instance of proper application of the law. Creephole “explained” to vermontgirl that she had been made “inactive” for good reason. Creephole’s rationale:

1) She hadn’t voted in any election since 2004. (oddly, the last major election was in 2004 – vijtable)
2) In 2005, notices were sent to her current (correct) address, which she had to return to the Board of Elections. (vermontgirl never received them)
3) Since she didn’t respond and it was more than one year since the last election, she was made inactive in January 2006.

Vermontgirl was somewhat satisfied, but she did some digging of her own, only to become dissatisfied again. She found a document explaining “inactive status”. Click here for the pdf, then scroll down to page 12. According to that document…

No. However, if you move or change your name you must notify the Board of Elections. Every year Information Notices are sent to the addresses of registered voters. If that notice comes back undeliverable, the Board of Elections will send out a Confirmation Notice.
If that comes back undeliverable then the voter is moved into inactive status. If the voter does not vote in one election before the next two consecutive federal elections (4 years),in the fifth year the voter’s registration is cancelled. In order for the voter to vote again after he/she has been cancelled, he/she must re-register. It is to be noted that if a voter is in an Inactive Status but votes within the four year time frame the registration is made active again.

So… This means that, according to the law, there is no reason for vermontgirl to have lost her active status as a voter. It was well within 5 years, and there was no document that she had to return to the Board of Elections. Vermontgirl plans on calling them a third time. She’s “psyched”.

So… Did her primary provisional vote count? Creephole “said”, and I’m (pretty accurately) paraphrasing, “Your vote counted, so you don’t need to get all panicky! I’m sending you a voter ID card, okay!?!” She didn’t need her a voter ID card, since she had her NY license. She said, “I want to find out how to prevent this in the future.” Creephole: “I’m sending you a voter ID card!”

Do I believe Creephole, that her vote counted? Not really. Do I think he’s an operative? Not really. Do I hope he’s not just a Creephole? Truly – I hope vermontgirl’s vote counted, for, you know, democracy’s sake.

I have yet to scan those documents from the Board of Elections, but when I do, they’ll be promptly posted.


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One Response

  1. vtgirl04 says:

    I’m vermont girl, and I approve this message. Vote for me. (Please- cause I might not be able to)

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