Ideas, Linked; Ideals, Inked.

The Root of Idealink

While the term “Idealink” crystalized in 2004, and the idea has festered for several years, I have found the email where I started truly “idealinking”. I and my friends from college started a listserv wherein we could easily email all our friends. That listserv became the medium for several “rants”, most of them by me. Basically, I spoke out on issues. The email linked below was written on March 18, 2004. The day after Bush declared his ultimatum which declared war. This was the first real “idealink”. I tried to synthesize the economics and numbers of military, prison, and education spending.

Context: I was a first-year teacher in the under-resourced school district in California. I was frustrated (as a teacher). On March 17th, the speech came on the radio while my co-worker “Wright” were going to teaching credentialing class. We got to the building and sat, in my car, in the parking lot. We sat for a while. We were alternately silent and talking at the radio. It really pissed me off and I couldn’t focus for at least a couple days, especially the next day. I wrote the email late March 18th.

In advance, I would like to note that I cannot find a current source for ALL of my figures. I remember trying to be as rigorous as possible, but I was not quite as thorough as I now wish I was. The upshot is that I will be posting a “sequel” of sorts shortly.


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