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From Sieg’s Grandma: Democrats’ Options in 2008

Sieg’s Daddy, frequent commenter here, forwarded a message from his mother… Making this from Sieg’s Grandma:

Now that Warner has dropped out of the running for president in ’08, the NYTimes had a blog on the Democratic presidential ticket for ’08. The results were various Pres/VP combinations (often reversed) of:

Obama, Edwards, Richardson of NM, Gore (Gore /Obama and Obama /Gore were top favorites), Evan Bayh, Wesley Clark, Feingold (as VP to Gore) and a VERY few for Hillary. One even suggested Bill Clinton as VP because under the constitution, nothing prevents him from being elected as a VP and installed as pres if the president dies, since he technically would not be elected as pres. Not sure about that one, but it would be fun. Most seem the think Hillary was the kiss of death.

Interesting. Personally, I’d like to see the resurgence of Mr. Kerry or Mr. Gore – they are statesmen who have proven that, as Bill Clinton says, “Strength and wisdom are not opposing values.” Plus they can run on security and rights. Maybe it’s me, but a little “I told you so” campaigning demonstrating that you cannot trust Republicans is what the Democrats need. They won’t do it.

Not that I think the Democrats are the answer. I think the real need in this country is for a completely revamped voting system. One that takes power out of the hands of the parties, and puts it in the hands of people. Sieg’s Daddy has some ideas on that, which I’ll get some point soon.


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