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Previews: Ubuntu, Net Neutrality, iPod, Stem Cells, MLB CBA, Iraq, TV…

I haven’t put a lot of time into the blog recently, due to circumstances beyond my control. However, I have a lot on the stove – here are previews of what’s coming up…

1) Ubuntu is Bad: Ubuntu (a Linux OS) messed with my system without telling me it’s going to. It rewrote my master boot record without asking my permission. Since Windows was still my main OS, this bothered me – it defaulted to Ubuntu and changed the default boot loader. It took considerable effort to restore it. If that’s mumbo-jumbo to you, don’t worry – Ubuntu pulled a Microsoft and changed my computer big time.

2) Net Neutrality: Speaking of mumbo-jumbo… The National Cable and Telecom Association has a new ad out on how net neutrality is bad. It’s classic political propaganda, an attack ad light on facts and heavy on mischaracterization and dismissiveness. Indeed, net neutrality is quite complicated and possibly very good.

3) iPod: The device that revolutionized the music industry turned five. The RIAA is still fighting against it, in its own ways. My thoughts on the revolution and where it’s going. Possibly, this’ll be tied to net neutrality.

4) Stem Cells: The new celebrity smackdown. Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Deborah, actress Patricia Heaton, has chosen her side, squarely against Michael J. Fox, famous actor and Parkinson’s-sufferer who strongly supports all stem cell research. To quote Ray, “Deborah!” No doubt a controversial issue, I come down on the side you all expect me to, but I have good reasons.

5) FYI MLB CBA: Major League Baseball and the players’ union have agreed to a new 5-year collective-bargaining agreement. Among the more interesting facts is draft-tiering, which hurts minor league players’ ability to negotiate a contract with the team that signs them. Other interesting points include a continuation of the luxury “tax” scheme and no threatened or actual lockout.

6) Iraq: This is a little analysis of military expenditures, death, and equipment.

7) Seinfeld, Society: I saw a repeat today, which got me thinking about the state of affairs we have in our country with respect to religion. The episode was the one where Elaine discovers Puddy is religious. I don’t think the networks would allow the episode to air in this day and age, even though it is really hilarious.

8) Studio 60, NBC Budget: Studio 60 is slowly dying. Good show, but not getting the audience it needs. Time slot issue? NBC also recently announced budget cuts to TV production.

There’s more floating around, but those are currently top-of-mind.


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