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Lies: Net Neutrality Attack Ad

Saw this on Food Network a few weeks ago. Not only is it dishonest, not only it is written like any political attack ad, it also tries to dismiss a relevant topic the same way polluters try to dismiss scientists – ”Mumbo-Jumbo”. Basically, anti-intellectual propaganda that ignores the issues. Net neutrality is an important topic worthy of debate – using attack-ads to dismiss its value as a topic is disingenuous (because the telcos are fighting hard against it). The claim that net neutrality will cost consumers money is at best speculative, and at worst dishonest.

Plus, it’s on the Food Network, which means they’re pushing HARD to win the uninformed viewers.

Extremely basically, net neutrality is the idea that stuff that goes over the internet (from the person who creates it to you) is not segregated based on who the sender is. It is a hot topic, worthy of serious debate. Unfortunately, the opponents of this idea are not trying to engage in the debate honestly.

One post-script – I have had conversations with someone who believes there is a difference between “the Internet” and data traveling using “internet protocol“. There is not. The Internet is an open network of computers where data is transmitted via internet protocol. Other things, like office “intranets”, also use internet protocol. Intranets, technically speaking, ARE mini-internets. The fundamental difference between an intranet and the Internet is that the Internet is open, and intranets are closed. (Note: if you use a router or wireless access of some sort, you create a mini-internet of your own, too). When anti-net-neutrality people speak, they try to create a distinction where one does not exist. Anything on the open, publically-available Internet, is part of the Internet, because it travels via internet protocol. I know that sounds self-evident, but the cable companies are trying to argue that it is not true.


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