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Challenge: Make an Affordable Electric Car

Just saw Who Killed the Electric Car? What makes me angry is that no one thing killed the electric car more than greed profit motive.

Car companies were (justifiably) afraid that electric cars would net them less money. Here’s why: electric cars have many fewer moving parts, and uses a lot less of after-purchase consumables (oil, filters, plugs, etc.). Car companies ctually make much more on these parts than they do on the cars themselves. When they sell a car to you, the expectation is you will need to maintain it, and you will need their parts. All car corporatons make big bucks on these parts. If someone took the total retail cost of all the parts in a new car, I believe the number is approximately 300-400% greater than the cost of the car. Car companies would be destroyed without this true profit center.

Of course oil companies lobbied against electric cars. I don’t even need to explain why. It’s the same reason they are for hydrogen fuel cells -you still; need oil to obtain the hydrogen.

The government is complicit. The rebate you get from buying a 6,000 lb. SUV is greater than that you get from buying a 2000 lb. gas-saving electric car.

Tesla Motors has created an amazing new electric sports car. Yum. But it’s still basically $100,000 dollars

CHALLENGE: Make an affordable electric car that meets these criteria:

  1. It is fully electric, like the General Motors EV1
  2. The range is no less than 200 miles
  3. It costs no more than $30,000 (base price). Note: the range must work a this price.
  4. It is fully compliant with US regulations relating to passenger vehicles.
  5. I can buy it in the US.

I would love to be able to sponsor an award, and make this a huge pubicity thing, a la the X-Prize. I’m trying to think of a good promise to make. I can’t promise to buy one because I have very particular safety tastes for my cars, and I live in New York. Any ideas? Sponsors? Anyone?

EDIT (4 Jan 2007, 10:43): Links added. Corrected maker of EV1 (don’t know why I put Chrysler in there).


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  1. Sieg's Mommy says:

    Sieg’s daddy and I watched this movie a week ago. It inspired me to start my own electric car company, but then I remembered one crucial detail: I only have $80 in the bank. Last I heard, one needs a lot more than $80 to start a car company.

    If I had a lot of money, I would use it for good, rather than evil.

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