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Bush: I’ll Listen, if You Agree with Me; Senate: We Don’t Agree… “Redistricting”

This week, the Senate said, “Bad boy, for spilling milk,” and then handed Bush the glass, refilled with milk, and walked away. The mess is still on the floor. Soon it’ll get stale and dry, possibly some will get soaked up by Bush’s footsie pajamas.

Richard Lugar makes some very interesting comments, basically saying that Congress needs to actually pull funding for anything to happen. The conscience of the Republican Party may be returning now that it has escaped the clutches of seductive power.

Somewhat off-topic, but interesting to think about, is how Senator Webb and Richard Lugar are very similar, from both sides of the aisle. It looks like the parties are starting to “redistrict” along new lines. Here’s my general take.

New Republicans: America-first mentality. Strong emphasis on sustaining national superiority. Dependence on “single leader”, patriarchal, and moralistic models of thought. Distrustful of representative government. Belief in an active government, like liberals, and emphasis on traditional values, like conservatives.
New Democrats: Traditional conservatives (who belive in small government) and traditional liberals (who believe in an active, progressive, government) all go here now.

The older folks are sticking in their parties, either by loyality or by habit. Lugar and Hagel, today, could easily caucus with Democrats, or Lieberman with the Republicans. I’m really interested to see where this shift leds us in ten-twenty years.


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