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Rethinking Middle East Intervention

In an post that puts in sharp relief the timing of American sabre-rattling in the mideast, Dave of Fire makes a great idealink-y connection

All I can say is, awesome thinking, DoF.  Adding a little… OPEC, the monopolistic oil cartel, controls all the oil production in the world. They use the dollar as their standard. Now if an oil-rich country decides to work outside of OPEC, suddenly the monopoly is facing competition.  Here’s where it gets kooky: for some reason, it seems that American companies (culture?) hate competition. The competition destroys market dominance, and without market dominance, the rich American economy falters.

No wonder farm subsidies continue. In all honesty, no wonder the American push for free trade has failed – the US government props up American companies and strategic non-American assets to assure market dominance. And the rest of the world sees it and refuses to play along. No wonder electric cars failed as well. But I talked about that topic previously.
In any case, DoF’s less straightforwardly-profit-driven analysis, and more market policy analysis, adds further evidence to the economic motives for a destabilized Middle East with a strong US presence.


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2 Responses

  1. Sieg's Daddy says:

    All must read the two articles linked from Dave’s post:

    If these are accurate, world is more sinister and f’ed up than I could have possibly imagined.

  2. Dave On Fire says:

    Thanks for the link and the support.

    As to accuracy, the prevalence of the dollar as the world currency is indisputable fact, the dollar monopoly on oil sales as a cause of this is widely accepted, but the motivations of America’s modern wars is of course a matter of speculation.

    It is pretty sinister. But we’ve always known that 1/ the US are too powerful, 2/ Bush had some mysterious agenda for invading Iraq (and now Iran) and 3/ it’s something to do with oil. I think making sense of all that makes it more manageable, less overwhelming.

    The IOB is the first real attack on the US dollar hegemony. It’s risky, and if the Iranian government has miscalculated their chances then it could spell disaster for the Iranian people. But, to me, at least, it inspires hope more than despair.

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