Ideas, Linked; Ideals, Inked.

Where’s Vijtable?

Readers, apologies for my silence. I am still alive and well. In fact, the past three or so months have been extremely busy and interesting to me.

My job had become quite busy, and baseball season has started. To those of you disinterested in baseball, this fact means the energy I devote to outrage is split between outrage and fanatical devotion to the Boston Red Sox. Nevertheless, my outrage abounds, especially with the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions (campaign finance, endangered species, free speech, and faith-based initiatives). Serious miscarriages of justice abound.

I recently subscribed to The Nation magazine, and have been reading Foreign Affairs with interest. All this is to say, my interest and involvement have become more consumptive and contemplative than productive.

NOTE: links will be added soon. Also will be posting a couple things, one on a movement (radical democracy), another on Pew research statistics.

Words I’m linking: Democrat and democracy, radical and practical, labor and education and oppression.

EDIT: Links


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