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Gitmo + Habeas corpus — Update

While I have nothing to report on Scott Blair, I have come upon another person who was born in Gitmo – Frances Rae Key. They key here (no pun intended) is to determine if she presentation of a birth certificate is sufficient cause for proving citizenship, or if she needed to prove that her father was an American, and thus she is deserving of citizenship.

As a reminder… The former case is called “jus solis” – the land is domestic soil, and thus automagically grants you citizenship. The latter is called “jus sanguinis” – at least one parent is American, and thus you inherit it.

Note: If anyone else knows or knows of people born in Guantanamo Bay after American possession, I am interested to know. This is the sort of thing that defines the future of American rights, and I think would be useful to use in court cases.


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2 Responses

  1. Frances R. Key says:


    I discovered my name in your blog and would like to chat more about it! I thought you might like to see my music on peace also-

    Because I’m related to Francis Scott Key, I have created a new anthem of peace, which the Democratic Party of FL presented at their inaugural ball.

    My mother is Australian, and my father was an American Navy man. They met in WWII after the Aussie Navy rescued my father after being shot down by the Japanese off the coast of Australia. I was born on the base, and have US citizenship. When all the questions began about Obama’s heritage, I argued the case with my own background!

    Please feel free to contact me…

  2. June 26, 2010
    I remember Frankie from years ago when we attended St Johns Country Day School. I was driving down
    Timuquana Blvd the other day and tried to locate her Mom’s school. I could not. Last night I tried to locate her on Facebook but I could not. (The “Rae” may have thrown me.) I will try again.
    Today, my Mom called me and was reading an article in the JACKSONVILLE magazine about Frankie’s Mom and Dad. She asked me If I new her and I said…
    Well…Yeah! A little googling produced a number of hits. I think I must be psychic. I have not thought of Frankie for years and then….”strange”. I hope to hear from her.

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