Ideas, Linked; Ideals, Inked.

About Idealink

This is Idealink. The name reflects the two main objectives of this site: “idea link” and “ideal ink“.

“Idea Link”
Ideally, Idealink is the confluence of ideas with ideas, and ideas with action.

I think that action can only be linked to sound thinking, or ideas. Equally important, ideas can be linked to each other in a constructive manner. If we start from commonly-accepted truths, I strongly believe we can synthesize existing ideas which can lead to productive action.

“Ideal Ink”
Ideally, Idealink is like newspapers without ink, with a conscience, and without any financial considerations to go with it.

An increasing dissatisfaction with “news” (or ink) insprires this interpretation. Starting in about 1995 when the media focused a lot of attention on a possibly-homicidal former football star and whether or not a president had ill-advised sex, I stared wondering if there wasn’t better media. Unfortunately, it didn’t exist, or last long even if it did. I have hopes, especially after my (older) brother pointed out this page by Ted Koppel – see “In Ted’s Word”.

Often, the posts in Idealink do not reflect the above agenda, which leads to this pre-emptive mea culpa: sometimes there are interesting, funny, meaningful, absurd, or thought-provoking stories which I like to point out. I try to be transparent with it. Note also that posts or other things here are not meant to be snarky… Though I admit they probably are.




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