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How to Save Volvo

In light of political/bailout fatigue, I’m forcing myself to think of other things. Namely, my favorite car company: Volvo.

A 1970’s Volvo 244 DL saved my life when I drove about 50 MPH into a tree. I didn’t walk away, but survived with no lasting injuries. Car people have said that the car literally kept my legs intact (which many cars do not do at such high speeds, especially old cars like that), and therefore saved my life. I’m hoping to return the favor.


In 1998, the Ford Motor Company bought Volvo to round out its “Premier Automotive Group“, a set of distinctive higher-market brands which were managed somewhat independently of FoMoCo. The other PAG companies were Land Rover, Jaguar, and Aston Martin. Lincoln, in fact, was shifted into this group. The whole idea was that upscale cars have high margins, and Ford could make money on efficiencies while these companies maintained unique brand images. Ford, incidentally, also owns a significant portion of Mazda, as well.

Volvo was the key piece of this group…

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