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Liberal Media Indeed

Wow… Good article I just saw. I took classes in college about this, and I’ve referred in tha past to media “framing”. This is the best data gathering I’ve seen yet:

This has been an ongoing gripe of mine. Nice to see actual data to back it up. If only a news station would pick it up and report on it. Side note: On the Media is a great NPR program that discusses media biases. You, very meta.

ALSO: More on my ongoing campaign to get elected to US presidency in 2020/2024 later. If anyone has policy questions, I’d gladly answer.


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John Edwards and Disappointing Electoral Coverage

It goes without saying that the Democratic frontrunners for the 2008 Presidential election are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton… Now that Edwards, Kucinich, Richardson, and Dodd are out, it goes without saying.

But what about before?

A long time ago, right after the 2000 election, I was in my university’s “American Government” class, and we were discussing elections. Specifically, we were discussing the subject of the media and elections – does the media influence elections, and does it have bias?

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